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Sponsoring organizations can offer their employees or members the voluntary benefit of access to money-saving preferred group rates for their home, auto, or other insurance needs.

Preferred Group Rates for Home and Auto Insurance
Call Marsh's Private Client Services for your no-obligation quote at 1 877 476 6727.

Most people have car insurance and/or home insurance, but not everyone has access to preferred group rates.

  • As a member of a group plan, you have access to preferred group discounted coverage at rates not available to the general public. It only takes a few minutes to call and see how much you can save.
  • As an employer or association, you can offer this benefit to your employees or members at no cost to you. Are you looking to attract and retain the best people for your organization? Our Group Auto and Home Insurance Program can help enhance your existing benefits, with minimal effort required on your part for implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Group Members


Marsh's Private Client Services (PCS) acts as the administrator for many company or association group insurance programs, which are available to the employee/association member and their immediate family members. With this program, eligible participants can benefit from the power of group purchasing — with a variety of insurance products offered at competitive, discounted rates.

In 2018, over 40 out of every 100* people who took the time to call Marsh’s Private Client Services for a quote, chose to buy their insurance through us — our rates are that good!

Benefits to Group Members

With access to our expertise and service, eligible participants get value far beyond price. Our Group Auto and Home Insurance Program offers the following key benefits:

  • Discounted group rates - You will have access to preferred group rates for automobile, residential,and other insurance needs. You may also be eligible for additional discounts, such as multi-policy, loyalty, new home, alarms, and claims-free discounts depending on your age, claims history, and other variables. Read more about these Marsh's Private Client Services products:

  • Personalized service - An experienced personal insurance broker will work with you to determine your coverage requirements. Unlike a call centre environment, a dedicated client manager is assigned to service all of your insurance needs.
  • Quote options - If you do not meet the underwriting criteria of the group program, PCS will provide a quotation from an alternate market.
  • Claims advice - In the event of a claim, a dedicated client manager is available to make sure you understand the implications and procedures involved in the claim.
  • Advocacy - Our client managers will intervene and will advocate on your behalf in the unlikely event of a dispute with the insurer. We represent you—not the insurance company.
  • Emergency claims service - Our insurance companies provide claims assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Convenient payment options - You can choose the payment option you prefer, including a monthly pre-authorized payment plan with no service charges for a potential 3 percent savings (except in Quebec).
  • Easy program access - Call our national toll-free number to obtain a quote, request policy changes, or report a claim. The call will automatically transfer to the group office for that region. Local and regional service is provided by PCS group offices in Edmonton, Calgary, Kitchener, and Montreal.
  • Broader coverage options - PCS offers broader coverage options to meet the needs of individuals with considerable personal assets.

Employers and Associations

We Know That Your People Are Your Greatest Asset

Are you looking to attract and retain the best people to your organization? Our Group Automobile and Residential Insurance Program can help enhance your existing benefits, with minimal effort required on your part for implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Benefits To Employers/Associations

One of our Group Automobile and Residential Insurance Programs offers you the following benefits:

  • Enhances your benefits program - The group program can help your employees or group members realize savings on their residential and automobile insurance, which helps to increase employee satisfaction.
  • No cost - There is no cost to you to administer this program, and PCS absorbs the cost of producing all marketing materials.
  • No administration - You are not responsible for administering the program and there are no payroll deductions. Your employees or group members deal directly with our Marsh's Private Client Services offices.
  • No minimum participation requirement - The program is strictly voluntary and does not have any minimum participation requirements.
  • Ongoing marketing support - We work with you to develop a marketing plan that will meet your requirements to both introduce the program and support it on an ongoing basis.
  • Bilingual service - Employees or members in Quebec may contact our Montreal office for service in French and English. In addition, all of our marketing materials, including our Web site, are available in both French and English.
  • Ongoing feedback - Statistical reports and program updates are provided on an ongoing basis to track the success of the program. We also review the program with you annually.

How To Setup a Program

A Group Automobile and Residential Insurance Program can enhance your organization's existing benefits program. As outlined below, it's easy to introduce a program to your organization:

  1. To complete the group application, contact Marsh's PCS Group office nearest you — Edmonton, Calgary, Kitchener, or Montreal.
  2. PCS will forward the application to their group insurers for evaluation.
  3. PCS will recommend a group insurer for your organization based on market responses and group demographics.
  4. Sign a Letter of Authorization appointing Marsh's Private Client Services as the administrator of your organization's Group Automobile and Residential Insurance Program.
  5. Agree on a marketing plan.
  6. Facilitate distribution of marketing materials to launch the program.

Group Qualification Requirements

  • Minimum of 250 employees/members
  • Majority of employees are full-time and permanent part-time
  • Majority of employees are over age 25
  • Preferred industry classifications:
    • Education
    • Energy
    • Finance
    • Government
    • High Tech Industry
    • Manufacturing
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Professionals
    • Local Associations
    • Provincial and National Professional Associations
  • Sponsor must agree to a Marketing Plan

Marketing Tools Available

We work with you to develop a marketing plan that will meet your requirements to both introduce the program and support it on an ongoing basis. We offer the following marketing tools:

  • Announcement letters
  • Print and electronic brochures
  • Posters
  • Newsletter articles
  • Onsite seminars
  • Mail campaigns
  • Email campaigns
  • Websites

Personalized and knowledgeable service has made Marsh's Private Client Services, one of Canada's leading personal lines insurance brokerage businesses for more than 50 years. We've assisted thousands of Canadians in selecting the best insurance coverage to protect their personal assets.

With offices across the country, Marsh's Private Client Services offers the strength and stability of a national company, with a commitment to personalized service at the local level.

*In 2018, 40.11% of those receiving quotes from Marsh’s Private Client Services for auto or residential insurance in Canada followed through and bought insurance through us.