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Student Property and Liability Insurance Program

Property and liability insurance can protect you as a student while living in residence at a Canadian university or college. 


Phone: +1 800 665 0765

For Students Living in Residence at Canadian Universities and Colleges

As a student living in residence at a Canadian university or college, the coverage under this program can protect your contents and you from loss or damage for which you may be liable. Students are eligible for insurance under the program if:

Your educational institution is a participant

The educational institution where you are enrolled is a participant in the program.

You've received a policy in your name

You have received a policy in your name from Marsh Canada that confirms you are covered under the program.

What does this program provide?

Administered by Marsh Canada Limited, managed by Excess Underwriting, and underwritten by Certain Lloyd’s Underwriters, the program provides students with the following:

Personal Property and Additional Living Expenses

Coverage for contents including additional living expenses up to $10,000 ($500 deductible).

Personal Liability

Personal Liability coverage up to $1,000,0000.

View a complete description of coverage

For a complete description of the coverage provided under the program including all terms and conditions, policy provisions, limitations and exclusions, please visit the two links below.